i’m so glad tumblr embraced orphan black because for a while it was just me screaming quietly on my blog and hoping i didn’t piss anyone off raving about this obscure show on bbc america

June 21 2013, 05:25 AM   •   19 notes
  1. saezutte said: I just started it yesterday! It’s so good! I watched it because of a few people on my dash posting it so thank you…
  2. rhaenystargaryen said: i saw it on your blog first, i thank you
  3. beermestrengths said: it’s so fab omg thank you for introducing it to me
  4. ever-so-plucky said: i’ve been watching since ep one and i’m like YOU GUYS DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW AMAZING THIS IS now they understand and [wipes tear away] i’m so happy
  5. hufflepunks said: i started watching it cuz i saw it on ur blog and i was like ‘must be a good show.’
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